Gökyüzü College and Education Institution‘s establishment history starts to gather around a dream and vision of the example a private college in 1997 at Maltepe and Istanbul under the leadership of DR. Hüseyin Emin ÖZTÜRK who has an educator, scholar, and artist personality; by five enterprising Rasim ÜNAL, Hayrullah ÜNAL, Süleyman ÇOLAK and Ali KANGALLI.

Gökyüzü Primary School which is the only school that called kids took its rightful place among the private school in a short time and had its first graduates in 1999-2000.

It continued to progress in the education sector with the major steps included

Gökyüzü College in 2000,
Gökyüzü Science High School in 2008,
Maltepe Gökyüzü Kindergarten in 2010,
Adatepe Gökyüzü Kindergarten in 2011,
Pendik Gökyüzü Kindergarten in 2014.

Gökyüzü Education Institution built this modern education campus in 2008 at Maltepe- Esenkent on a plot of 4500 square meters and came until today. And it is called on the media “college campus like a unıversity”. It is included 49 classes, science laboratories, Ability Research Center, Emotion Education Center, smart classrooms, modern libraries, dining hall with views of the islands, swimming pool, indoor sports hall, multi-purpose hall, outdoor football, volleyball and basketball fields, children’s playground, open-air class and green fields.

  • Sees that each student born with a clean nature.
  • Belives that each student brings a message to the humanity.
  • Predicates that each student’s mental and emotional progress must be balanced together.
  • Predicates the belief of family focused and child centered of the success in the students. Instead of ‘give your children, we educate’, ‘ come and let’s educate them together’ comprehension is adopted.
  • Aims that educational institution is contemporary place where the children love, show their abilities, safe and peaceful places.
  • Employs the best of the branches while forming the academical staff with conscious that the main factor is teacher for the education.
  • Knows that the success is at the team spirit believe that there must be a powerful communication between the education managers, students, parents and teachers.

5E Values

Being Ethic ( Honesty, Professional ethics, Social responsibility, Transparency. )

Being Economic ( Efficiency, Productivity, Cooperation, Synergistic, Modernism, Innovation )

Being Esthetic ( Drawing inspiration from beauties reflecting and being in tune with humanistic values, Learning focused )

Being Ecological ( Respectful to human society and environment sensivity to cultural variety, being practive )

Being Ergonomical ( Coordination with every aspect of human, parcipant management, results-oriented )



Gökyüzü Education Institution workers’ workers’ qualifications

  • Affectionate
  • inclined to teamwork
  • Faithful
  • Enterprising
  • -Strong in communication

In every grades our aims is to help our students to be,

  • Self-confident
  • Warm-hearted
  • Talented
  • Sensitive
  • Respectful
  • -Successful
  • -Humanistic


Our Training Program

We will give an appropriate application for the educational model of our own culture and values in the pre-school education or training for the successful country or cultures.

Our approach, effectives and models which are forming our education or training program are explained as follow:

gokyuzu-koleji-montessoriMontessori Educational Effectives: (These effectives help and support you improve your inner confidence and your sense of order to be able to gain basic life skills, have discipline and love of learning, have discipline improvement, to be able to act independently, and live on curiosity).

Reggio Emilia Effectives: (These effectives help our children aiming at establishing new interactions related to the environment, our children can develop the required capabilities, carefully to connect or interact with the environment with a pre-planned group activities and a variety of workshops and activities).

Gardner Multiple Intelligences Effectives: (These effectives support people who have the ability for good qualifications by supporting different skills relates to 7 different intelligence fields to learn more and solve problems).

Multi-beam Educational Program: (These effectives are applied internationally (in the international schools) in the alternative education models, models like, Reggio, Emilia, Montessori, Waldorf and many different approaches to be educated in the pre-school educational program. Multi-beam education sets will bring a different perspective and a new approach to be applied in all kinder gardens schools).

Multi-beam Pre-school Education Program Practice :

  • Nature Office
  • Maths Office
  • Animals & Plants Office
  • I’m exploring Office
  • Values Office
  • Material Improvement Office

English : We construct the basis of college education system at our kindergartens. In our mainly English education system,  we teach 4 hours English lessons at the age of four in a week, 6 hours English lessons at the age of six  in a week.  We use Oxford and Duru ELT publishing.  Game, role-play, flashcards, smart board, visual tests have a big place in our English education practice.

Moral Teaching Activities

Morals are the corner stones of well constructed character. They can be accepted as the guiding light for the path of having ideal , desirable behaviours and life styles. Morals make our life more meaningful and give the people most important features which determine what they are.These morals can be grouped in three ;The first one is personal and social moral ; as love , respect, tolerance, honesty, trust,emphaty Second one is esthetical moral as beautiness and ugliness and the last one is social morals like issues related right and wrong in society which creates basis of personality in pre school process.

It is difficult to distinct right and wrong for pre school children . Wıth the help of moral teaching every individual can learn the moral aspects of his/her own society which makes the person happy and well adjusted. Otherwise without moral teaching person will be divergent and will have significant problems about finding an life aim and giving a meaning to life.

In our school we believe in the importance of moral teaching and practise “Moral Teaching Program” This program is being practised  with group and individual activites. The context of this individual activies is being created with the demands of our parents.

In this program

  • Universal morals
  • Humanitarian and ethic morals ,
  • Social morals
  • Avareness and sensibility
  • Moral and social aspects
  • Religious morals

The Religious morals are given below in titles.

  • With the book of ‘Gökyüzündeki Mutluluk-Happiness in the Sky’, Our Prophet’s childhood until 8 years old is told with stories
  • With the book of ‘Yeryüzündeki Mutluluk-Happiness on the Ground’, Our Prophet’s youth and being prophet are told with stories
  • Good manners, Religious rules and practices
  • Boys and girls are supported with the books of prayer to make them surah and prayer lovers
  • Religious Songs practices
  • Hadith practices for the children with the help of hadith cards
  • Surah and Pray practices with the help of their cards
  • Quran Alphabet Practices
  • Quran Signature Practices
  • Celebration for the beginning of Quran learning
  • Religious Days and Celebrations

With the help of the books that are written for the students over 5 years old, Quran Alphabet and some simple Arabic words are taught easily. The rules of Quran reading are taught with the memory method. These activities are supported with Cds also.

With the philosophy of  “Every verse is a gold”, interactive white board games are used in the lessons. Children can have their own treasures with the golds they get at the end of each game. To teach students to read Quran well, we make listening activities with the help of Quran CDs of Assistant Professsor Fatih Çollak.

Teachers of Moral Teaching

Moral teaching lessons are taught by licenced teachers who were trained in this area. Moral lesson teachers and classroom teachers coordinate and colloborate.

Journal of Moral Teaching

For every student who started school, a starting point is set by keeping a diary of moral lesson, and every developmental stage of the students are recorded.

Resources of Moral Teaching

In our Moral Teaching Program “ Multibem Değerler Eğitimi Seti ve Programı” is used. Our training set is formed with many different resources. Our main resources and materials are stories, painting and activity books, posters, game cards, flash cards, Cd’s ve Moral Teaching Diary. Our Moral Teaching program is applied considering the age group and developmental stages of the students.

In our schools, Gökyüzü Teaching Model, which is  student-oriented, is applied. In Gökyüzü Teaching Institution, our students are encouraged to be happy and successful by offering them a high quality service in a safe environment. In our campus which is equipped with modern teaching opportunities, responsible individuals who are open to innovation, scientific, faithful to moral values ; who develop themselves socialy and see the world from a global perspective. Our professional teaching stuff base on educating “decent person” while supporting our students in their moral and material  development. Gökyüzü Teaching Institutions, Competency Research Center and Emotion Training Center contribute to our children’s development by supporting the education process.

With the seperation of occupational interests and revealing of individual talents; our students are directed to the areas where they can use their potential at the highest level. Also with the supports in art and sport areas; we contribute to their occupational education. Collaborative Studies done with Science High School, Anatolian High School, Foreign High School are maintaned by the facilities like seminar, conference and trips.

Our school is like a guide in directing our students to the life and occupations as a primary school.

TEOG is our primary target of our school. At the same time our general purpose is opening many different kinds of gates to our school.

As Maltepe Secondary School; we founded a Preparation School in 5th grade level to make English; which is a universal language, spoken  and understandable in best ways. Our students who learn English 15 lessons a week, are groupped according to “Toefl Primary” exam in the beginning of the year. The exam is done in the first week of the school. The exam is done by the TOEFL authorities. It consists; “ Reading and Writing “and “Listening”parts; duration of 30 minutes each. After the exam, exam result reports which show the situation of the students and which include Turkish and English information, were shared with our parents. These reports reflect the levels of preparedness of our students and give us light to determine the learning group of our students. The students placed in right learning groups will finish the first level of secondary school as loving and learning English as a second language after the education they took all the year round.

TOEFL Exam is one of the exams having the highest validity in worldwide. It is also applied in the beginning and at the end of the second semester. At the end of these 3 exams; each student gets “TOEFL CERTIFICATE” that reflects their progress. With these certificates;our students complete the fifth grade at the highest level of English. TOEFL exams became a Gökyüzü tradition and our students’English level is being continued to be evaluated in other grades.

Our school has been carrying out four years educational activities within the context of High school and Science High School Program. Within these activities, the aim is to make our students get into the higher education programs according to their skills, interests and abilities. For that purpose; YGS/LYS studies are being done using leaf tests, YGS/LYS trial tests, academic sufficiency tests and YGS / LYS preparation studies all supported and by supported by our  expert education staff. Concurrently, our students are supported and directed by our counselling service which takes the students’ professional aims.


Why Do We Have Emotional Education?

In the century that connection tools are developed at an unprecedented pace and wear out students, our children live under an emotional whirl.

To make the students have positive attitudes permanently, they should be supported in the changing and developing times. Because of their age groups, the students have difficulty in managing emotions and finding reason-consequence relations. Therefore, the risk of negative development is higher. To minimize that risk, the students should be supported emotionally by both school and the parents until the age of  18-20.

Gökyüzü College Emotional Education Center wants the students to have essential emotional qualifications (EQ) which is needed to be happy and successful. Because, the students who have higher emotional intelligence are able to feel others’ feelings, behave independently and be positive minded.

Thus, Gökyüzü Education Institutions give importance to children’s emotions and emotional educations.

Our aim is:

  • To strengthen our students’ positive emotional tendency
  • To bring up emotionally intelligent individuals
  • To make students grow up kind and sensitive by heart
  • To make our emotional education philosophy become a model and discipline for Turkish National Educational System

Emotional Education Program at Gökyüzü:

Our target of Gökyüzü Emotional Educational Program is approached under 3 topics:

  • Emotional Education for Students
  • Emotional Education for Parents
  • Emotional Education for Teachers

Skill Research Center

To find out, support and develop our students’ skills, we have established Skill Research Workshops. Skill Research Center has worked to determine dominant skills of the students proudly as the first skill center of Turkish Educational System since it was opened. We determine our students’ skills by skill tests, questionnaires and main skill tests whish are standardized to Turkish Education System.

Skill Development Workshops

  • Science workshop
  • Mind Games workshop
  • Technology and Design workshop
  • Imagination workshop
  • Audial arts workshop
  • Visual arts workshop

Developing our workshops, we will continue our studies during 2016-2017 educational year. After the evaluation of demands of the students and parents, the students can enroll the workshops that are proper to their levels. Skill research is an important power and difference in children’s development.